About Us

Cheeks_EvanstonCheeks Popcorn (CP) is a popcorn shop inspired by an authentic Chicago style popcorn birthed in Evanston,Il. Mr. Cheeks owned “Kats Corn” and gave us his secret recipe’s to bring to you.

CP has been established in the spirit of true community-based commerce. True societal change starts with economic growth and closing the socio-economic gaps in revitalized cities. The next generation of youth in big cities will be faced with the challenge of being prepared for the workforce at earlier stages in their lives. Youth employment opportunities, training, and workforce preparation will be the key components of CP’s philanthropic vision. CP’s efforts include partnering with local agencies and organizations to fulfill this mission.

Thanks you for letting us share this wonderful product with you and most importantly allowing CP to employ youth and young adults from the neighborhoods in which we serve an assist them with gainful employment opportunities! Peace! Love! Popcorn!